Our Mission

Central Congregational Church, a member of the United Church of Christ, believes in God who calls the world into being, creates human kind in the divine image and sets before us the ways of life and death. We acknowledge the risen Christ as the ultimate example of God's grace, a gift freely given to all. We look to the Word of God in scriptures and to the presence and power of the Holy Spirit to prosper its redemptive work in the world. We strive to be a community of God's people in a way that calls each of us to active discipleship.

Our purpose is to work for the increase in the love of God and neighbor through worship, caring, sharing and outreach.

"Christianity is the name of a journey
not solely of personal contemplation,
but one of communal venture that is the church.
It is a journey open to everyone,
regardless of their condition,
regardless of their past;
all that is required is a decision to follow Him."