Nurturing Our Faith

Children’s Ministry at Central--

Children’s Ministry The mission of Christian Education at Central Congregational Church is to create a nurturing environment where people of all ages may discover, in the lessons of God’s love, the courage to live and serve as disciples of Jesus Christ.”

Central’s Church School program serves children in pre-school - 8th grades, from September – June. Year-round childcare is available each Sunday morning in our nursery for babies, waddlers and toddlers.

Our Church School seeks to create a safe and loving space where faith can be explored and nurtured.   Our curriculum ( combines Bible stories and lessons with creative responses through art, crafts, drama and reflection.  The class groupings are divided as such:

Cherub Nursery – Infants up to age 3
Gabriel’s Gang – Pre-School
Shepherds & Prophets – Kindergarten – 1st grade
Stargazers & Disciples – 2nd – 3rd grades
Peacemakers – 4th – 5th grades
Dream-Makers – 6th – 8th grades

Children stay in worship Sunday morning through the Children’s Sermon, then head to our Church School “Gathering Space” for a brief time of music and prayer before class.  Friends and visitors are always welcome!  For more information, please contact Cathy Clasper-Torch, Director of Religious Education: