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Welcome to our Poet Laureate page.

Central Church is fortunate to have a creative talent like Ilse who directs the Church's writing mission.

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We want to hear from you!

Do you write? Any member of the Central Church community who has something to say is invited to submit a document no longer than 250 words. We will be asking Church members to submit creative writing samples which will be showcased here on a regular basis.

  • All poems submitted must contain a title and signature.
  • We acknowledge poems that reflect ideas and attitudes of our family of faith and do not reflect the official views of this congregational church.
  • We do not publish on an obligatory basis.
  • The writings will be read and examined for errors, but not edited .
  • The author is responsible for the final form.
  • Please be sure to include your contact information.
  • We want to hear from you!

As is true with all submissions, submit only those poems that have been finally edited to satisfaction. Include your photo and a short biography with your submission (not mandatory).

Address your poetry to poetlaureate@centralchurch.us

Ilse Kramer

Central’s Poet Laureate: Ilse Kramer

Ilse wrote her first verse, a sentimental jingle, in Germany in first grade. She eventually progressed to sonnets, hexameter, haiku, and acrostics. Her first English poem, “Interpretation,” 1963, won second prize in a poetry exhibition. Some of her poetry has been published in a literary magazine, the Providence Journal, Central News, and in anthologies.

Ilse has also published a bibliography of early German Americana at Brown University, and a novel, Pimpinella.