Amos House… The Long and Short of It

The other evening, the Mission and Action Committee met @ Friendship Café to learn a little more about Amos House.

Most of us have known about Amos House–it’s a long term benevolence of Central Congregational Church–and a group of people travel to the soup kitchen every Tuesday to serve meals. Amos House currently serves about 800 meals a day in a tiny space!

Amos House has just announced a new chapter–they are building a new home right in the community they serve.

As I was thinking about the jobs created by this project (Amos House has insisted that the contractor hire Amos House’s own construction trainees), the urban blight that is erased by building new on an old site, and the many many improvements in how they serve their clients, I began to consider the impact that this little organization has had on the south side of Providence.… [Read More]

I saw Manny today…

As I was driving home today I saw Manny, as I often do, cleaning up the street and sidewalk in Apponaug, where he lives at House Of Hope.

Manny is known as the ‘Mayor of Apponaug’ because he is such a friendly and constant presence and talks to everyone while he is perpetually cleaning up and keeping busy.

This has not always been Manny’s reality. Years ago, he had a good job, but was in an accident and seriously hurt. He became addicted to pain killers, but then lost his job and health insurance, and turned to heroin–it was cheaper.… [Read More]

When hungry children shake with fright…

My whole life, a poem has resided on the refrigerator at my parent’s home.  They have lived this poem the entire time I have known them (and they are turning 89!)

I thought of this poem during the service last Sunday, largely focused on the call of the “star”, and the various ways people have responded through the ages, from the Wise People and shepherds so long ago, to me here today.  It reminds me that I am called to “yes”, as we heard in Rebecca’s sermon last week.  Here it is, and may you find meaning in it.… [Read More]

What to do?

This morning I woke up and (yeah) it’s Sunday, so it’s ON @ Central Church.  But then I remembered.  I FORGOT to pick up cereal to bring this morning.  What to do?

Here’s what… Leave a 1/2 hour early and stop at the (for me very convenient) grocery store, park, walk in, pick up some cereal boxes, put them in the car and drive up to church, where I have the complete privilege of bringing them forward during the first hymn.

This is important to me, because it is symbolic of our working in community to do what we are supposed to do…  feed the hungry. … [Read More]