Just when we thought the regular changes in itinerary were finally behind us…our plane to Miami is delayed several hours! Please pray for safe and speedy travel as we anticipate the long journey home. Here are some members of our group passing the time while we wait.


Our friend in the field

Yesterday after attending church in Ti Marche, we ventured out to explore the countryside a bit on foot. On our travels we saw a field of sugarcane. The farmer of the field said he wanted to get us sugarcane as a gift to us. What a beautiful and delicious gift! It’s a good reminder that we each have a unique gift to give.20120319-204101.jpg

Fontamara School

We spent some time today visiting the Fontamara school and clinic. We learned more about the history of the work of the Haiti Task Force and had fun making beaded creations with the students. We also facilitated a conversation between the women of the church and Fonkoze, a micro-lending organization.




An old friend

We said hi today to an old friend in the Fontamara neighborhood. He speaks great English and asked us to pass along his love and greetings to his brother in the USA, Rev Daehler Hayes.


Adult School

Amanda and Dana note and photograph students involved in the adult education program as well as those hoping to be. The students met with us to discuss their current programs as well as their aspirations and needs.



The presidential palace

The palace has been gutted but still needs lots of work. Across the street, many of the tents that used to be set up have been cleared.


Croix de Bouquet Church

Pastor Luc and a young member of his church sing and play with a guitar brought by the RI Haiti Task Force.

Notre Damme

Suzanne and the group speak with Eveline, who runs the Notre Damme orphanage in Fontamarra.