Still Speaking Connections

Spoiler Alert:  You should subscribe to the Still Speaking Daily Devotionals from the UCC!

For those of you that already do subscribe to the Still Speaking Daily Devotionals, you know what I’m talking about.  Connections, every day.  How do they know just what you need to hear?  What wonderful gems I receive to center and begin my day, each and every day.  How much have these little pieces of… well… artful thinking given a purpose and direction, and how often do I reflect on them during the day at odd moments.… [Read More]

Moment for Witness – Bill Templeton

Moment for Witness  

Bill Templeton

Sunday April 22, 2012 (Earth Day)

Some months ago Rebecca asked me to do this moment for witness – on how Central has transformed my life.   I struggled with it.

I was not ready to stand here before you all.   My faith journey was still just getting started, I thought.  And besides, a story needs an ending before it can be told.

I stalled a month, then pushed it off for weeks, and just last week tried to get out of it again.  I told Rebecca that I had too much to do on the “Earth Day Fair” that we are having after worship today.… [Read More]

Moment for Witness – Sally Strachan


2 Corinthians 5:1   For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.

How do I describe the medieval, pure sense of sanctuary, the tears and relief that come to me as I walk into Central Congregational Church each September 11 and make my way toward the chancel of this church?

You see, I used to work at the World Trade Center and 34 people who worked for me perished in that moment in 2001. … [Read More]

Moment for Witness – William Claflin

January 30, 2011


What is it that brings a person back to Central after his or her first visit?

Is it the extraordinary music led by Patrick and made complete by our wonderful choir?

Is it the Sunday School and youth programs superbly conducted by Cathy and Kat?

Is it the preaching, led by Rebecca, assisted by Claudia and Kat, always challenging, always reassuring, always perceptive?

Is it the myriad educational programs, which enlarge our knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith?

Is it the mission program, which reaches out to Amos House, New Orleans, Haiti, and many, many other places?[Read More]

Moment for Witness – John Peters

“Moment for Witness” by John Peters

January 16, 2011

I am now several years into retirement.  And I find myself increasingly looking back on my life – reflecting on the high points and warm memories, and the low points and not so warm memories.  Triumphs and failures …… perhaps that’s the way it is with most lives.

But, when I really stop and reflect carefully on  the good things that have happened,  I find that the church, and my participation in the life of the church has been at the center of many – if not most – of those good things that have happened to me.… [Read More]

Thanks Katrina – Barbara Silvis

“Thanks Katrina” by Barbara Silvis

December 2010

Three months ago I was in New Orleans…again…
This is the 6th time I have made the trip to do Katrina recovery and the one thing I’ve observed is that it is really all about poverty.

For those of you that can’t go there and do this work, poverty in New Orleans is deep and cuts across wide swaths of the city and the people.  After Katrina, it’s even easier to see–there are still broken down houses with big “X”s on them (code for the post hurricane triage effort), and it is dirty and a bit scary.… [Read More]