Spiritual Companionship

Tuesday, Oct. 5, 6 pm

Spiritual companionship is a meaningful step in helping you find wholeness and balance in your life. It invites you to explore where you are in your spiritual journey and helps you become more aware of God’s presence and. Together we’ll discover how the ancient tradition of spiritual companionship with others will help you listen for God in day-to-day living, encounter your own inner wisdom, find new possibilities in both your spiritual and secular lives, and help you become more fully open to God’s love and grace.… [Read More]

New Gallery Exhibit

Torin Richards: Jewelry

With the Gallery under construction, it will be some time before Central hosts live art exhibitions. So we’re taking them online. The first exhibit features Torin Richards Jewelry. Torin’s newest collection is filled with happy symbols such as birds, rainbows, clouds, and hands.  inspired, oddly enough, by COVID-19.  Two years ago, Torin started painting rainbows as a way to relax and stay calm. The colors soon reminded her of her vintage glass bead collection, inspiring her to create abstract rainbow-hued jewelry that are “whimsical, wearable, and an expression of how we want to be seen in the world.”… [Read More]

Wisdom Stoves

The twelve stoves funded by Central’s donation are out for delivery! With COVID-19 travel restrictions lifting, these stoves are about to make the six-hour drive to reach Zimbabwean women impacted by Cyclone Idai in 2019! Wisdom Stoves was founded in 2018 by the Rev. Dr. Edward Matuvhunye, a friend of Central who spoke at our church while studying at Andover Newton Theological School. Wisdom Stoves designs and distributes safe, portable, sustainable, fuel-efficient stoves to reduce health risks for women and children who cook over open fires.

Central Men’s Group

It’s been a good 18 months since Central’s popular Men’s Group has gathered for its monthly breakfast of fellowship and spirited conversation on topics ranging from current events and ethics to trends and shared experiences. But that’s all about to change.  The group – for men of all ages – will come together soon for one of its traditional morning meetings.  If you are interested in participating, contact Ed Bishop at 401-274-4666 and let him know if you prefer to meet virtually or in person. The meeting date is still to be determined

Women Gather Pizza Party

Sunday, Oct. 3, 12 noon

When women gather, great things happen.  So believes associate minister Claudia Demick. This summer, she and a diverse group of “church ladies” brainstormed what Central women’s fellowship group – for women of all ages – might look like … and Women Gather was born.  Our inaugural gathering will be a pizza party (with a free will offering) on the Hamilton House front lawn. Enjoy good conversation, meet new people, and reconnect with those you already know. What’s next? Who knows? The sky is the limit. The important thing is that we do it together!… [Read More]

Help for Haiti

The Haiti Task Force has created an emergency donation site to support Central’s mission and friends in Haiti impacted by the violence there. The funds will provide food and safe shelter for Task Force translators, who have not been able to get to work and are struggling to survive; an orphanage in one of Port au Prince’s most needy and dangerous neighborhoods; a Community Center in Gressier that provides food and shelter to surrounding communities; and the teachers and pastors of churches and schools that can no longer operate safely amid the violence. … [Read More]

Confirmation Class Begins

Sunday, Sep. 19, 11:45 am

At Central, confirmation is the beginning of adult Christian life.  This week, the 2021/22 Confirmation Class begins its year-long journey of spiritual discovery.  The class is participatory, helping young people investigate their Christian faith, make personal decisions about their religious lives, and experience what it is to be a vital player in a Christian community. They will interact with their fellow confirmands as each shares his or her unique experiences and beliefs. And, they will learn to hear the “still-speaking voice of God” as they help each other tackle difficult theological questions in class and in life.

Chapel Hall Construction

Our reimagined Chapel Hall is finally becoming a reality! Asbestos abatement is underway and requires Chapel Hall to be totally sealed off for at least two weeks. Construction of the floor will take another two weeks. The church office will relocate to the Deacons Room during this time, and the Diman Place entrance is closed. All other Central entrances are usable. The sanctuary, Fireplace Room, Christian education wing, and other key spaces including the two restrooms just off the Fireplace Room (as you head towards the Gallery) are accessible. Signs have been posted to guide you.

The Campaign to Reimagine Chapel Hall

Now that construction is underway, the Capital Campaign to Reimagine Chapel Hall has become one of Central’s top priorities. We’re fortunate. Early contributions have provided more than half our campaign goal of $1.25 million.  We’ve even been able to make the first of our “good works” donations to mission partners on the front lines of COVID-19 pandemic relief: Amos House, Crossroads Rhode Island, and the Rhode Island Community Food Bank. Please join this vital investment in Central’s future. Details are right here on the website, along with “Central Window,” the Chapel Hall newsletter.

Join the Choir!

Sunday, Sep. 12, 9 am

The Central Congregational Church Adult Choir will once again make a joyful noise during worship, beginning Gathering Sunday. If you love to sing, you’re welcome to join us.  There’s no better place to challenge yourself musically and become part of a vibrant community of music lovers. We just have a few new guidelines this year – for everyone’s health and safety. Choir members must be fully vaccinated and show proof of vaccination. They will wear special singers’ “resonance masks” while rehearsing and performing. Rehearsals will be on Sunday mornings at 9 am in the sanctuary.