Easter Egg Decorating

Sunday, Mar. 10, 12:30 pm

Once again we’re decorating eggs in memory of Ann Bliven, whose special technique makes Easter eggs durable enough to use year after year. We’ll provide paints and supplies. You bring a dozen blown-out eggs and some friends and paint up a storm – or just come and watch. There will be snacks and music. RSVP to the Church Office. We’ll see you in Chapel Hall.

How to Blow Out Eggs

  • Use a large, clean safety pin, sewing needle, or skewer to poke holes in both ends of the egg.
  • Make the hole on the bottom of the egg a little larger – about 1/8”.
  • Insert the pin and wiggle it around to break up the yolk.
  • Use the smaller hole to blow egg contents into a bowl. (Save them to make scrambled eggs or omelets!)
  • Wash the blown-out eggs in warm water, and pat dry.
  • Set the eggs on a paper towel placed in an egg tray or carton to drain and dry overnight.
  • See Google and YouTube for additional tips.
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