From Mary – Kathy Lowe Hart

From Mary

By Kathy Lowe Hart

“Really, God? You chose me?
But why?
I’m ordinary, young, uneducated,
Not married.
Why me for such a task?”

Then comes understanding.
Not the answer to WHY, but just THE answer:
“I am not alone in this,
And nothing is impossible with God.”

At worst, it’s terrifying,
At best, sobering………
And eventually joy-filled
To be selected for God’s service.

We are all Mary.
Accept being chosen,
For nothing is impossible with God.

Kathy Hart

Kathy Hart

Kathy Hart is the Director of Music at Greenwood Community Church, Presbyterian in Warwick, RI, where she is organist and directs the Chancel Choir, a teen/adult handbell group, and an elementary singing/ringing choir. She writes/arranges sacred music and is a soprano in The Providence Singers. Kathy has been a member of Central’s Caring/Sharing Group for several years.

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