God, My Great Love – Terri Leander

God, my Great Love
— Terri Leander
Your divine radiance bursts forth through the early morning clouds;
the Light from the Source fills me to overflowing.
As the dew droplets gently rest upon the short blades of green grass,
so the expression of Your love rests upon my soul.
For You truly are my one Great Love,
my being’s utmost desire, and Your Word is my passion.
You are my first thought in the morning,
and my last thought at night,
as I lay my head on my pillow,
long after the sky has blackened and the church bells have rung.
Stay, beloved Lord, be with me always through time that has no end.
O God, you are my one and only Rock and my Redeemer, now and forever more.

Terri Leander is a student, sponsored by CCC, at the Andover-Newton Theological School. She writes poetry and short stories.

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