God’s Voice – May Grant

God’s Voice

By May Grant
Green now trending aqua, jade, skyblue.
Fashion arches overhead, and sun creeps thru.

Bare wine bottles recycled by the door,
Sunday morning silence after rain.

Listen! God’s answer to young morning’s prayer:
Leaves’ slight rustle in our care.

Did you listen? Rain whispered, wreathed the streetlights.
Listen yet again, watch droplets glisten overhead.

Listen! They fall a second time, insistent.
God’s breath rustles our sunrisen leaves.

Sun hits wakeup temperature
for one cricket on the bough:
Listen up, your time is now!

Listen! The nasal monotone spins
his long latesummer lovesong,
God’s voice rising with the warmth.

Green now trending brown and gold and red.
Sun creeps pink, as fashion arches overhead.

© 2014 May Cornelia Grant

May Cornelia Grant

May Cornelia Grant

May Cornelia Grant has been writing all her life, non-professionally. Her articles have appeared in numerous small magazines and newspapers.

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