Hump Day…

You know, that day when all of a sudden you realize that it’s closer to the end than the beginning of the experience.  Today was our third day at the Hope St house, and we started to see some closure to some of the projects we’ve been working on.  Most of the doors have all their little coats (of paint) and are rehung in their places.  The taping and retaping in the bathroom is finally done, shelves hung and looking GOOOOD. The door trim starting to look more finished, almost all the way around the house caulking the soffits. And a return visit from Henny Penny, the resident chicken.  Here’s pic of our new friend Sherry, who has been feeding her every day.

We’ve all been busy today… Really busy.  And its starting to get a little hot  and humid.  Typical New Orleans day.  And thinking about why we are here.  This house will be sold at a discount rate to a teacher who will then help stabilize the neighborhood.  And for all of the rebuilding efforts, the neighborhood is still obviously blighted.  Thisis really   about hope. Seeing us, talking with us, continued activity in a positive direction.  It’s all good and feels very right to be doing…  Enjoy the pictures from today.  Ann Avery and Roger Avery doing the soffits, Dick Weaver building shelves, and Ralph Silvis and Roger Avery on the way to lunch at Lee’s Seafood, walking in step as they talk, and headed for terrific catfish.  One more day of work, and then the long journey back to Providence.

And the end of  day meal.

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