June 2019 Newsletter

Central News – June / July 2019

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Dear Friends,

Just when you begin to despair in this cold wet spring of ever seeing the sun again, here comes a bright and clear morning!

Most of you are aware that Aidan Kelley will be leaving us after half a dozen years of leadership with our youth to begin a new career direction in school guidance counselling. He will continue to work at

Central through June 15, and we are planning a celebration for him on June 9 during worship! Stay tuned for further details . . .

Thinking back over Aidan’s years with us and concerned over how we could ever find a successor for him, was a little like these rainy days we have all endured. But then, just a few weeks ago, Joshua Berkowitz called Central Church! Joshua has met with our Search Committee, chaired by Larry Kellam, and all have agreed he is an amazing team player with real gifts in relating to our youth and young adults. His references describe him as a connector with fresh perspectives, a student of the world, thoughtful and sensitive, someone who truly loves and cares for youth.

The bittersweet poignancy of Aidan leaving us at Central is tempered with the knowledge that Joshua is ready and willing to work with us as part of the leadership team with our youth. We are fortunate to have this time of transition so Aidan and Joshua will have several weeks to work together as Joshua learns the ropes of confirmation and youth groups. Please take the opportunity to voice your appreciation to Aidan for all he has done for all of us as we welcome Joshua. I know they have several gatherings planned for 6th-, 7th-, and 8th-graders who may be participating in this year’s mission trip, as well as high school students continuing in the process of Confirmation. Several of our college students have already met with Joshua and are excited to begin planning for the fall, and the 20s and 30s group will also be getting together.

In particular I want to thank Larry Kellam for his stellar work with our youth and young adults. Larry’s faith-filled devotion shines through his actions, and we are truly blessed by his lay ministry among us.

Maybe, just maybe, God is using this bleak season of rain and more rain, and cold gray days, to remind us all that even in the midst of what may seem bleak days, the sun will come again, warming us with its brilliance breaking through storm clouds, telling us that when we may least expect it, God is working among us, helping us to find hope instead of despair, strong faith to replace doubt, and light that always defeats darkness.

Yours, with love,


Prayers and Concerns

Our prayers are with Robert Stout.

Bob’s wife,Virginia (Ginny) Eagan, died on Sunday, May 26. Her memorial service will be held at Central Church at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 8.

Requiescat in pace

Thanks for Pledging So Generously!

Thanks to you and the Stewardship Committee, we have reached our goal for 2019/20:  $507,000 from 230 pledgers and Faithful Givers!  We are so grateful – because pledging is more than giving. It enables us to plan wisely and properly use resources as we grow Central’s mission and ministry.

If you’d still like to pledge, just pick up a card in the church office or go to our website and click on “Give.”

The Annual Meeting

of Central Congregational Church will be held on Sunday, June 2, 2019, immediately following worship.

The purpose of the annual meeting will be to hear the report on the annual budget and to adopt it; to vote upon the nominations for church officers and committee members; and to manage such other business as may come before the meeting.

All members of the church are invited and encouraged to attend.

A delicious lunch will follow the meeting. Child care is available for both the meeting and luncheon.

June 9 at Central Offers Several Special Events

An All-Church Picnic caps off a morning at Central that will be filled with all the traditional joys of Sunday worship at Central, as well as

  • our annual Children’s Musical
  • Pentecost’s treasured traditions, and
  • a celebration for Aidan

Hope to see you there!

CARING and SHARING Women’s Group Activities

June Gathering – Wednesday, June 19, at 6 p.m

We will have our June Potluck. That is Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day – please Google!  We will meet at Cathy Clasper-Torch’s home, so please RSVP to her at cathfiddle@hotmail.com

July Gathering – Saturday, July 20, at 12 noon

We will have our annual Matunuck gathering at Janis Loiselle’s. Please RSVP to Janis through her email in directory.

Caring and Sharing, Central’s women’s group, has been active for over 20 years, and welcomes women of all ages into a circle of caring, confidential sharing, and friendship.

For more information, please contact Cathy Clasper-Torch or Martha Nielsen.

A Hearty Welcome to Our Newest Members at Central!

Catherine D’Avanzato & Eric Bennett

Catherine has been in Rhode Island for about seven years. She is a psychologist working at Rhode Island Hospital. She is passionate about her work in mental healthcare of individuals with PTSD/trauma and depression, and she is contributing to knowledge for how best to help this population. She enjoys cooking, traveling, running, and staying on top of places to eat delicious food in Rhode Island. She looks forward to reconnecting with the church, deepening her faith, and building community. Eric arrived in Rhode Island nine years ago from Cambridge, Massachusetts. He enjoys reading, walking, art, music, food, travel, and politics. He chose Central, among other reasons, for the music, good preaching, and sense of community. Welcome, Catherine & Eric!

Michael Lee (married to Meg Wirth)

Michael joins spouse Meg Wirth and their two daughters here at Central. He would like to become involved with groups and activities, and he looks forward to deepening his faith and spiritual life.

He enjoys tennis, cooking, reading, and cycling. Welcome to the fold, Michael!

John Matthew Nicklas (Associate)

Brown University student John Nicklas joins us as an associate member. He hails from Ann Arbor, Michigan, and has just completed his junior year studying Applied Math and Biology, working toward an MD. He is also a percussionist in the university’s wind ensemble. He is happy to volunteer (especially weekends and evenings) and looks forward to sharing dinner with other members. Welcome, John!

Molly Speece & Sarah Wiggins

Molly and Sarah came from Arkansas to Rhode Island in 2007. Sarah, a professor of history at Bridgewater State University, enjoys music, collecting antiques, and gardening. She’s interested in adult education and book groups. Molly is an artist, which gives her a particular interest in the Gallery Committee, and she would also like to serve on the Mission & Action Committee.  Both have long been interested in the UCC, and they find Central to be a welcoming place with a beautiful service. Welcome, Molly & Sarah!

Know someone interested in Central as a church home?

Inquirers’ Meeting *
Wednesday, Oct. 23

Faith Exploration *
Tuesday, Oct. 29

New Member Sunday
Nov. 3

*These meetings are held at the home of the Rev. Rebecca Spencer, at 7:00 p.m. For more information call Central Church at 331-1960 or fill out a pew card to request a call from the Minister


By Peter N. Woodberry

Bearing Fruit

The number of planes crashing, cars driving into public gatherings, natural disasters, and tragic accidents seem pervasive in today’s news. The increasing number of reports of shootings in places of worship is particularly alarming. My heart aches for the families who have lost a loved one. I often wonder about how family members, friends, and communities of the hurt and deceased can make sense of such a misfortune.

Rebecca has addressed this concern from the pulpit during the Lenten/Easter period. A memorable example for me was the March 24 sermon “Who Wouldn’t Want More Time?” She spoke about how people tend to live their daily lives with “givens,” that life follows a pathway that was determined by life circumstances such as education, where we grew up, and whom we married. That is, until things go off-track and we are the people others are watching on the news, when some kind of tragedy or loss has befallen us. And we become the ones who are reeling, gasping for air, and grieving the unspeakable losses that have before now happened to other people.

The text was Luke 13:1–9, the parable of the fig tree. In the first part of the reading, two calamities are summarized. Both are akin to tragedies we all too often read about today. Jesus asks the people who are saved from the disasters if they were better than those who perished and says to them, “unless you repent you will all likewise perish.” Jesus urges those who were spared against feeling that they are more righteous than those who perished. Jesus reminds us that life is fragile and that being spared offers us the opportunity to seize God’s graciousness. Jesus urges people to use the crisis as an opportunity to see things differently, with a changed mind and a revised perspective.

Luke 13:6–9 follows with the fig tree parable, where the owner expressed disappointment to his helper that over the course of three years, the tree had not produced any fruit. He said to his helper, “cut it down, why should it use up the ground?” But the helper implored the owner to let it alone for another year to give it a chance to bear fruit. The helper said he would “dig about it and dung it” and if it did not bear fruit, he would then cut it down.

The fig tree is vulnerable unless it bears fruit soon. Just like Jesus’s response to the reported tragedies in Luke 13:1–6, life is time-limited because of our fragility and thus we are to be thankful for God’s benevolence. The parable warns against false reassurances that just because we have not been cut down, do not presume that we are more righteous than others (bearing fruit).

What this scripture and Rebecca’s sermon challenge us to do is not succumb to fear and our vulnerabilities.   Rather, we are to keep the faith, remain caring for our neighbor, and live life as a joyous gift – and always remember to “have fruit on our branches”! Thanks be to God!

As an Open and Affirming Church,

Central loves to take part in Rhode Island PrideFest! This fun all-day event on Saturday, June 15, is in need of VOLUNTEERS The theme for this year’s Pride is “Live Your Truth.”

Beth Newberry is coordinating the volunteers this year:

Please call or email to volunteer. There are shifts for Central’s booth available at

  • 10 a.m.–noon (set up)
  • noon–2 p.m.
  • 2–4 p.m.
  • 4–6 p.m.
  • 6–8 p.m. (clean up)
  • The parade starts at 8:30 p.m.

If you have never participated in the parade, this is an incredibly fun event and great for the whole family!

We’d love to have an amazing turnout. The More the Merrier!

For more information or to volunteer, contact Beth Newberry (her email and phone number are in the church directory)


As we move into the summer, I keep thinking of the title of the Dr. Seuss book Oh the Places You’ll Go. Whether we actually go somewhere else or ‘travel’ from our own front porch, somehow the days of summer seem the perfect time to take stock of where we have been and where we are going. Perhaps it is because I was a teacher for a long time, but summer has always been a time for planning for me. I would assess where my students had been through the past year and where we would all be going throughout the coming year. By extension it was also a time when I would do deeper personal reflection on my own journey through life. The days of summer always beckoned me to do that, and they still do.

This summer on July 17 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. young and old at Central will do an ‘armchair’ visit to Haiti, a beloved place for so many at Central, where we have for many years supported our clinic worker there, schools, orphanages, churches, and more – including the relatively new One Egg Haiti program. Through the RI Conference’s Haiti Task Force, we are part of the amazing endeavors of this grassroots group who decades ago began a partnership with the RI UCC churches and dozens of Haitian churches through the leadership of our own former member, the Rev. Dr. H. Daehler Hayes.

On that summery night in July we will gather for “the best event of the summer” to eat Haitian food – with pizza as well! There will be crafts, games, songs, stories, musicians, and a few guests and surprises along the way. Our RI Haiti Task Force people will be with us and are especially excited about the campfire with a singalong and s’mores. I hope you will all mark your calendars so that you don’t miss this wonderful ‘party’!

So, let us journey forth. And, as we do so let us remember where we have come from even as where we are going unfolds before us. Most importantly, may we always remember who and whose we are – God’s beloved children carrying the light of Christ with us wherever we may find ourselves, whether we are here in RI or in any other place in the world.

Yours on the journey,



Thursday, June 13 7:00–8:30 p.m. at Central

Join us for a lively discussion of this month’s book, Almost Everything: Notes on Hope by Anne Lamott. According to Kirkus Reviews,

“Those who enjoy Lamott’s consistently self-deprecating humor, vulnerability, and occasional nuggets of positivity will enjoy her latest …”

Looking ahead:

July 11(7:00–8:30 p.m. at Central):
What the Eyes Don’t See: A Story of Crisis, Resistance and Hope in an America City by Mona Hanna-Attisha

August 8 (5:30–7:00 p.m., Potluck Picnic at Claudia’s home):
The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend by Katarina Bivald

September 12 (7:00–8:30 p.m. at Central):
Divided Politics, Divided Nation by Central Member Darrell M. West


July 7—immediately following worship
(Bring ice cream toppings to share)

Plan to stay at Central for our special Ice Cream Sundae Sunday Coffee Hour on July 7! The ice cream will be provided!

More Table Fellowship!

This summer’s Table Fellowship offers four more wonderful opportunities to gather with Central members for camaraderie – fun and food!


Sundays, July 7 through August 18 – Fireplace Room, 9:00–9:45 a.m.

Books available for $3.00 each

This summer we will take a look at The Book of Job, perhaps the oldest book in the library of books that we call The Bible. This book explores the age-old question “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

Between the prologue and epilogue to this story about Job, we find ancient Hebrew poetry about this Everyman, who like all of us is on a life journey.

Each week is a different topic:

Introduction, 7/7
Weathering the Storm, 7/14
So-Called Comfort, 7/21
Harsh Words, 7/28
Hearing Voices, 8/4
Perspective, 8/11
Happily (?) Ever After, 8/18

Come to one session or all of them using this study guide so that you can’t ‘get behind’! Please see Claudia to purchase your copy for $3.


Dear Central Church Family,

I am honored and enthusiastic to answer the call to Youth Ministry at CCC. Over the past few weeks, I have met with members, youth, parents, deacons, and clergy, and one theme ran through all of our meetings: enthusiasm for something new. Plans are in the making, and I look forward to continuing Aidan’s good work in confirmation class while adding my own flair to a reboot of four new youth groups. Our new meetings will include middle school, high school, and college students as well as a 20s and 30s group. Please reach out to me over the summer with your hopes and dreams for our time together.

In the meantime, a little about me. I grew up in an interfaith home with a Christian mom and Jewish dad. We went to church on Sundays and observed Jewish holidays at home. This experience enriched my faith and stirred up religious curiosity, leading me to the study of ancient languages and deep analysis of the Hebrew Bible. I have studied Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, Ugaritic, and Akkadian. I have a BA from UMass Amherst in Classical Civilization, studied Teaching Hebrew Bible at Brandeis, and just finished my MA in Jewish Studies at Hebrew College. I have worked in religious education for close to ten years and am passionate about Project Based Learning and following student interest.

I am so blessed to live with my partner, Edgar, in Wayland Square where I run a small spiritual counseling practice out of my home office. In my spare time I play ukulele, make good food the old-fashioned way, and am raising four chickens. There is nothing like cleaning up after chicks to make you feel closer to God.

Please reach out if you have any questions about youth programming over the summer and in the fall, or if you just want to grab coffee.

In Peace,


Feeding the Hungry

Help others make healthy choices for their family at the food pantry operated by Camp Street Community Ministries (CSCM). Central members are needed to help there every fourth Saturday, such as June 22 this month (and the occasional fifth, as in June 29).

Each shift starts at 9:30 a.m. and lasts about two hours – at 190 Camp Street in Providence.

Donations are always welcome (food donated during the first hymn goes to Camp Street). Proteins are always needed: tuna fish, peanut butter, canned chicken, etc.

If you want to volunteer or have any questions, please email Mary Bishop, (see church directory) or Jackie Watson, CSCM Executive Director, at jrwatso4@aol.com

Your Support of Central

Central also has an option for giving electronically: directly online through our website or through the Tithe.ly app on your mobile phone. To make a one-time online offering or set up a regular electronic pledge, visit Central Church’s website and click on “Give” or go directly to www.centralchurch.us/give/

You can also download the Tithe.ly mobile app through your phone. Search your app store for “Tithe.ly” Once you setup your account, you can also make your gifts via text message by texting “Give” and an amount to 401-239-1867.

There are offering cards in the pew racks with further information. Thank you for your support of Central!

Congratulations to Our 2019 Graduates!

As we are reminded each time we celebrate baptisms at Central, we covenant together to nurture and support God’s children in our church. We hold them as infants, play with them as children, and share in the joy and depth of their wisdom and personalities as young people. This spring, we celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of Central’s high school and college graduates!

High School Graduates

Kari Buonanno                        Daisy Kellogg          Cate McLaughlin
Henry Hebb                              Brian Kook              Amelia Horii-Pappas
Luke Hogan                              Ren Lamotte          Sonia Wessen
Patrick Hogan                          Hailey Long             Olivia Worrell

College Graduates

Noah Kim (Brown University)                           Diane Newberry (University of North Dakota)
Alex Lamotte (Saint Lawrence University)      Sam Nozaki (Carleton College)
Sam Leander (Yale University)                           Ezra Rice (Bowdoin College)
Katherine Templeton (University of Rhode Island)

We are praying for you, cheering you on, and offering blessings to you on your next steps to a bright future.

Pentecost Sunday, June 9

Wear RED!  Bring ACTS 2:1–13 to read in the language of your choice!

Pentecost commemorates the giving of the Holy Spirit to the Apostles, instructing them to go forth into the world and to preach the Gospel.  In the United Church of Christ today,

Wearing red reminds us of the flames of fire that appeared over their heads; Reading the story of that first Pentecost in many different languages reminds us how the Apostles spoke in multiple languages through the power of the Holy Spirit. To find a great list of Bible translations, see BibleGateway.com, where you can search for other languages in NRSV.

Children’s Musical, June 9

Pentecost Sunday, Central’s Children’s Choir presents its annual musical, this year featuring The Rich One and the Builder by Grace Hawthorne and Terry Kirkland. Come and hear the story of the rich woman who thought she had it all but realized money can’t buy happiness. And then learn about the person who built a house on the sand and one on the rock: each has its advantages, but one has eternal qualities. The Children’s Choir is busy preparing, and we hope you will come to share in their lessons!

All Church Picnic, June 9

The All-Church Picnic begins, rain or shine, right after Worship. Everyone is welcome!

The Religious Education Committee will serve a picnic lunch; provide lemonade; and offer some entertainment for the children. Please bring a side dish or dessert to share. A suggested donation of $3 per person and $10 per family covers cost of the food.

Follow-Up: Dr. Koopman on Physician-Assisted Dying in the Netherlands

On Sunday, May 12, Central member Dr. Bart Koopman gave a presentation about “Physician-Assisted Dying in the Netherlands.” Were you not able to attend the presentation but are interested in this subject?

Or did you attend the presentation but would like to read more about this subject?

Two of Bart’s publications, which cover the content of his presentation, are freely accessible through the following links:


Join Us for Table Fellowship This Summer after Worship

This summer’s Table Fellowships offer five opportunities to gather with Central members and friends for camaraderie — food and fun! Each is scheduled after Sunday Worship.


Our Ice Cream Sundae Sunday tradition continues on July 7 in Chapel Hall. These others take us into the greater community. Please RSVP to Claudia before each session.


Crescent Park Carousel
700 Bullocks Point Avenue, Riverside
Sunday, June 23, at 11:30 a.m.

We’ll leave after worship to meet at the carousel. Enjoy lunch with your friends from Central and go for a ride!

The Blount Clam Shack will be open for lunch (cash only) or bring a picnic lunch. There are picnic tables to share, as well as the incredible Looff Carousel, a National Historic Landmark!

This carousel was built in 1895 by the famous designer, Charles Looff, as a showcase of his work. Whether you ride or watch, it is a piece of Americana and a wonderful experience for ALL ages!


787 Hope Street, Providence
Sunday, July 21, at 11:30 a.m.

Enjoy dishes from China, Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam in the company of friends from Central. Their menu of extensive luncheon specials are some of the best around!


229 Waterman Street, Providence

Sunday, August 4, at 11:30 a.m.

Join in the fun with Central friends for good conversation and a fabulously delicious brunch after worship! Mare is a rooftop restaurant in Wayland Square. Their menu features a wide range of dishes and prices and can be found at https://www.marerooftop.com/index.php/menu/brunch/


342 East Avenue, Pawtucket
Sunday, August 18, at 11:30 a.m.

Whether you choose from the lunch or the brunch menu you cannot go wrong at Craft Burgers. Their menu features down-home food that can only enhance our time of table fellowship together. Join your Central friends for good conversation and a fabulously delicious brunch/lunch after worship!


“I have great faith in a seed. Convince me that you have a seed there, and I am prepared to expect wonders.”   —Henry David Thoreau

We had the best messy time in Church School a few Sundays ago, creating ‘seed bursts’ for Mother’s Day, for the first time, with a mixed-aged group of children. We rolled the muddy mixture of potting soil, clay powder, and water into tiny balls, and put two to three seeds in each one.  It was hard not to put a whole pinch-full of seeds into each ball, and to trust that it just takes one seed to germinate and grow into a flower!  Seeds need room to grow – like each of us! As your kids finish another school year, and leave their busy, full classrooms, I hope each of them finds spaciousness in summer to grow and blossom in new and wonder-filled ways!  And I hope they get lots of dirt, mud, clay, or sand under their fingernails!

GIVING THANKS! We thank and recognize our fabulous Church School teachers who have been planting seeds of faith in our children all year! The teachings teams are

Cherub Childcare – Kathleen O’Hara and Coco Maranjian
Gabriel’s Gang/Shepherds (pre-school, K, 1st gr.) – Jaime Lavoie and Maureen Lapre
Stargazers/Disciples (2nd & 3rd gr.) – Pamela O’Hara and Maureen Lapre
Peacemakers (4th & 5th gr.) – Amy Frazer
Dream-makers (6th – 8th gr.) – Amy Punchak, Aidan Kelley & Cathy C-T

Our youth helpers throughout the year have included Ruby Groves, Oscar Punchak, Miles Rardin, Elena Hurtado, Catie O’Hara, Gavin Rardin, and Ela Heywood.

We give thanks for your time and commitment, your patience and humor, and your love and care!!  Thank you thank you thank you for a great year!!!

LOOKING AHEAD! – Summer means a hiatus from the regular Church School program, BUT we will have an intergenerational “CREATIONS” offering each summer Sunday, for children ages 5 and older, during worship (10:00 – 11:00 a.m.). “Creations” will be facilitated by Cathy, using the creative arts to respond to words, prayers, stories. Cathy greatly looks forward to creating together this summer! . . .

Love, Peace, and faith like a mustard seed,

Cathy C-T
Director of Religious Education


is an important part of our worship life together. In an effort to uplift our celebration of Baptisms in ourcommunity of faith, we will be offering Baptisms on World Communion Sunday, October 6

A meeting to prepare for the baptism will be held on Saturday, October 5, at 9:00 a.m. Please speak with the Rev. Rebecca Spencer if you would like to be included in this very important part of life at Central.


A Multigenerational Gathering for ALL Ages!

Wednesday, July 17, from 5:30–7:30 p.m.

Join Central friends for ‘the best event of the summer!’  Don’t miss it!  This year we will ‘visit’ Haiti. Our fun for all ages experience will include:

Haitian food and pizza supper

  • Crafts
  • Games
  • Music
  • Stories
  • Campfire singalong and s’mores

Rhode Island UCC has had a long-standing relationship with churches, schools, a clinic, orphanages, and so much more in Haiti. For many years Central has shared in paying the clinic worker’s salary. Each Eastertide we fill plastic eggs with donations to the One Egg Haiti program begun by our RI Haiti Task Force.

There is so much to share about this partnership and to learn about our Haitian sisters’ and brothers’ way of life.  Let’s take a trip together as we explore a place with a long history with our very own church.

Children and adults of EVERY age are welcome to join in the fun as we connect with our faith.

Worship and Events Calendar, June/July 2019

June (Church office closes at 4:00 p.m. this month)

Sunday 2

9:30 a.m.            Flower Committee
10:30 a.m.           Worship (with Choir Recognition)
11:45 a.m.          Annual Meeting
12:30 p.m.          Luncheon

Monday 3

7:00 p.m.           Tech Committee

Wednesday 5

9:30 a.m.           Gallery
6:00 p.m.          Membership Committee (15 Taber Avenue)

Thursday 6

4:00 p.m.           Darrell West Lecture Series Meeting
6:00 p.m.           Spiritual Companionship Group
7:00 p.m.           Religious Ed

Saturday 8

10:30 a.m.          Virginia (Ginny) Eagan’s Memorial Service
7:00 p.m.           Pentecost Eve Youth Gathering

Sunday 9                 PENTECOST

9:15 a.m.             LDC All Committee Chair Meeting
10:30 a.m.          Worship (with Teacher Recognition, Children’s Musical, and Farewell to Aidan)
11:30 a.m.         Annual Church Picnic

Tuesday 11

5:00 p.m.              Commissioning of New Deacons & Prudential Members
5:30 p.m.              Deacon/Prudential Meetings
6:00 p.m.              Dinner: Deacons & Prudential

Thursday 13

7:00 p.m.              Food for Thought: Almost Everything: Notes on Hope by Anne Lamott

Saturday 15            Central at Pridefest

12:00 p.m.             Rhode Island PrideFest, Live Your Truth! (from noon to 7:00 p.m. on South Water Street)
8:00 p.m.              PrideFest Illuminated Night Parade (downtown Providence)

Sunday 16

10:00 a.m.            Worship

Wednesday 19

6:00 p.m.             Caring & Sharing (Cathy C-T’s house)
7:00 p.m.             Mission & Action

Thursday 20

7:30 a.m.              CCC Men’s Group

Sunday 23

10:00 a.m.            Worship
11:30 a.m.            Carousel Sunday – Lunch & carousel rides at Crescent Park

Saturday 29

9:30 a.m.              Camp Street Ministries (at 194 Camp Street, Providence)

Sunday 30

10:00 a.m.            Worship

July (Church office closes at 3:00 p.m. this month)

Sunday 7

9:00 a.m.             Bible Study – Job
10:00 a.m.            Worship at Central Congregational Church UCC
11:00 a.m.            Ice Cream Sundae Sunday! (Bring a topping to share)

Thursday 11

7:00 p.m.              Food for Thought: What the Eyes Don’t See by Mona Hanna-Attisha

Sunday 14

9:00 a.m.              Bible Study – Job
10:00 a.m.            Worship (Youth Trip Commissioning)

Wednesday 17

5:30 p.m.              Haiti Night of Wonder – a gathering for ALL ages

Thursday 18

7:30 a.m.              CCC Men’s Group

Saturday 20

12:00 p.m.            Caring & Sharing  (Janis Loiselle’s home  in Matunuck)

Sunday 21

9:00 a.m.              Bible Study – Job
10:00 a.m.            Worship|
11:30 a.m.            Lunch at Gourmet House,  787 Hope St. Providence

Sunday 28

9:00 a.m.              Bible Study – Job
10:00 a.m.            Worship

Wednesday 31

4:00 p.m.              Endowment Fund


Are you interested in being a scripture reader during the summer months? Please see the signup sheet in Church Office or contact Sherri at 331-1960 or see Judy Jamieson

Note: Sunday worship time changes to 10:00 a.m. on June 16, and the earlier start time continues through September 2.


Sunday, Aug. 4, 11:30 a.m.

Brunch at Mare Rooftop

Thursday, Aug. 8, 5:30 p.m.

Food for Thought Potluck Picnic at Claudia’s

Sunday, Aug. 18,  11:30 a.m.       

Brunch at Craft Burgers









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