Mary – By Claudia Demick


By The Rev. Claudia Demick

Sing praises to God little  Mary.
Sing songs of acceptance of God’s presence.
Sing what God has done  for you
And for all the generations
Of humanity.
You do not  sing
Of what God has done to you–
Not you!
In your child-like  wisdom
You see
That God’s Incarnation
Through you
Is for  you
And for all.
The lowly are raised up!
The poor are no longer  invisible!
Their cries have been heard,
And a Savior will  come
Through you, gentle girl.
A Savior for them,
And for you,
For  all…
Blessed be God’s name indeed!
And blessed be you, dear  Mary.
Blessed are you
For  saying,

Claudia Demick

Claudia Demick

Claudia Demick is an Associate Minister at Central Church. She holds degrees in music and education, has a Master of Divinity, and (has just recently) earned her Doctor of Ministry degree.

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