Matunuck – Ilse Kramer


By Ilse Kramer

The salty wind tells us stories
Of seagulls and oysters, of you and me.
A chorus of spellbinding stories,
They all want to be heard.

The tired waves of the sea say good-night
And lie down to sleep,
And the mermaid untangles her curls
With the bones of a sword fish.

The moon is insomnia-prone
While sleep-walking it fell down chimney
But kept its
Nose clean.

Can you her the frogs?
Their eyes are like balls
From a Christmas tree.
Their lady loves do not mind.

The house on the
Other side of the salt pond
Are melting into the horizon.
Are we still neighbors?

Covers a yearly get-together hosted by Janice and Alan Loiselle

Posted in Poet Laureate.