Night Sounds – George B. Delany

Night Sounds

George B. Delany

October 25, 2009

In the middle of night, awakening from deep sleep
I hear haunting sounds unmistakably in the woods nearby
Mysterious, rhythmic sounds I do not recognize
Drowsy, I slip into moccasins and quietly out the front door
Barely moving in the dark stepping slowly into night
Inching quietly toward a protected spot under the Chestnut tree

In that hour before dawn I hear the sounds directly, again
First one, only 50 feet off from high in the old oak tree
By the barn where for years we raised sheep and chickens
Then another gentle, Hoo….hoohoo, several seconds after the first
Two more, still further out, in sequence, each mimicking the first
Yet another, far off, muffled by the forest itself, and atmosphere

While notions of success such as I have taken for granted all my life
Fall away, disintegrate, dissolve under numbing weight of bad news
Delivered day-by-day, on talk shows, blogs, and cable tv shows
I am moved by this expression of the Almighty present in night sounds
Overarching, alert, the architect of all creation gently hooting me
Back to bed where I doze off in delight at the experience once again

In being alive.

Owl sounds are from The Owl Pages as recorded by Karla Kinstler

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