Ode to Johann Sebastian – Kathy Hart

Ode to Johann Sebastian

By Kathy Hart

A German composer named Bach
Wore powdered wig with his frock.
His music prolific
Was really terrific.
To hear him musicians did flock.

His children were more than a few –
(21 if you count PDQ).
He lived a long life
With more than one wife,
And sired a musical zoo!

He held some well-known positions,
But composed under adverse conditions.
His music for organ
Was really a bargain –
He gave it away to musicians.

Dear Bach, we’d just like to say
Your music will live on a l w a y.
Thanks for the music for lute
And keyboard and flute.
Have a very happy birthday!

Kathy Hart

Kathy Hart

Kathy Hart is the Director of Music at Greenwood Community Church, Presbyterian in Warwick, RI, where she is organist and directs the Chancel Choir, a teen/adult handbell group, and an elementary singing/ringing choir. She writes/arranges sacred music and is a soprano in The Providence Singers. Kathy has been a member of Central’s Caring/Sharing Group for several years.

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