Ordinary Day – Anna Tanalski

Ordinary Day

By  Anna Tanalski

A butterfly’s flight draws near

And tickles my nose

With a taste of candlelit prose

Words flowing through my veins

Rhythms of a heartbeat

Stuck like the concrete on Main Street

Taught red ribbons twisted around my soul

Pulling me in one direction

A whiff of sweet confection

Galaxies beneath my feet

Ripped up pages thrown to the side

The tears rip deeper on the inside

Foggy breath on the window

I trace my name and it fades away

It’s just another ordinary day

Musings and Puzzles

All kept within my pocket

My imagination shoots off like a rocket

Paper doll strings hanging above my head

Questions unanswered

Answers unsaid

It’s just another ordinary day

Lips painted scarlet

And the sky turns to gray

Anna Tanalski

Anna Tanalski

Anna Tanalski is 15 years old and in 10th grade. She has been writing ever since second grade. She loves to read, listen to music, and draw. She has been attending Central Church since eighth grade. Some of her favorite forms of poetry are sonnets, slam poetry, and free verse. Anna is very grateful to be included on the Poet’s Page and in the poetry opportunities at Central.

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