People of Hope – Barry Bayton

People of Hope

(inspired by the sculpture by Robin Kolb entitled “Patience”)

By Barry Bayon

I look out into the street
from my window.
It is late and the city is asleep,
the cars parked, the sirens silent.

It is my favorite time, my quiet time.
It is a time when I can gather my thoughts,
separate my memories and my plans,
restore my body and my soul.

I share this city,
as I share this dwelling space, with strangers.
We approach each day with hope
for a better life, a better world.

Each day we see crime, sickness and distress, and
kindness, heroism and thankfulness.
There is good and bad everywhere,
but with patience, we persevere.

We see color in our world,
in people, in buildings, in our thoughts.
We are patient, ordinary people.
We are the people of hope.

Barry Bayon

Barry Bayon

Barry Bayon is a deacon at Central Church. He lives in North Kingstown, R..I. with his wife, Barbara. He teaches in the Management Dept. at Bryant University. His interest in poetry started with his aunt who had several books of her poems published.

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