RIOT in New England – May Grant


By May Grant

We’ve had a riot here,
loud and flashy.
Overhead:  Swooping, diving noisily,
disappearing over newly darkened trees.

We drive aimlessly
through streets filled with debris.

Look!  New piles of pink & white
cover yesterday’s trash.

Down there!  Yellow flags beckon
from a distance.
Their circular shapes emerge
as we impose our passing empire.

Purple and lavender stand like deposed royalty
waiting for the scythe.

High-pitched communication fills the air:
It’s Spring!  spring!  spring…
From every neglected, camouflaged retreat,
they preen, prepared for battle.

© 2013  May Cornelia Grant

May Cornelia Grant

May Cornelia Grant

May Cornelia Grant has been writing all her life, non-professionally. Her articles have appeared in numerous small magazines and newspapers.

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