ROADMAP – Ilse Kramer


By Ilse Kramer

I have made my list.
I have plenty of Christmas love,
But not much money.
There are only so
Many shopping days
I will search for
A bell big enough
To tell the Glad Tidings.
I may pay Patrick
To play his most glorious carol
For my friend who is sad.
I shall give Jasper the Donkey
A roadmap
For his trip to the stable.
I am thinking of buying
A single white rose
For the child who plays Baby Jesus.
What do I hope to receive myself?
The embrace and the kiss of peace
From those whom I have offended.
I want, I want the Star of Good News,
But I have spent every penny.
My Lord, I ask, Let me have it for free.

Ilse Kramer is the Poet Laureate of Central Congregational Church. She is also the editor of Central Poets at Christmas 2010 a collection of works from our congregation available for download here.

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