Sole Sisters and the faces of the NOLA Mission Trip

So yesterday, as I was idly watching everyone get ready, I said, randomly, “Claudia, you are losing your sole”. She turned to  look at me and, as she believed I was commenting on her “soul”, she asked a little confusedly, “what?”  I repeated, “Claudia, you are losing your sole”. Again she said “what?”  I explained with a sigh.  Her sneakers were delaminating their soles from the shoe.  Get it?  So we did what any good construction crew would do, we used duct tape to attach them firmly to her feet! Then we ceremonially put them in the trash this afternoon and left them to the  waste of New Orleans!

Thought you might enjoy the faces of the New Orleans mission trip this year…  My dad, Ralph Silvis, Jan and Dick Weaver from Dexter, MI, Ann and Roger Avery from Madison, WI, Frances Munro, Claudia Demick, and yours truly, Barb Silvis from Central.  Enjoy and see you in church!

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