Stewardship Moment

with Jerry Brown

Before I begin with my story of stewardship, let me ask that you consider two definitions:  1) Stewardship (Christianity): God gave humans a special responsibility within creation. We find in Genesis 2:15 God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it! Thus began stewardship.  2) Pledge (Christianity): Serving with allegiance, devotion, and faithfulness. To Rev. Rebecca, Rev. Claudia, fellow congregants, and the Stewardship Committee; let me thank you for this opportunity to speak. When one thinks of stewardship and pledging, we must consider, “What can I give?”

I believe that for any kind of stewardship, we should consider thinking of the three Ts:

Time – measured in minutes, hours, months, years, and generations. Think how you measure time!

Talent – volunteering, tutoring, teaching a young person a vocation, helping an elderly neighbor, teaching someone to read. Think of your talent!

Treasure: Give a monetary stipend….

In 1963, I became a member of St. Stephen’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Chicago, Ill. When I went there, it was during a time of turmoil in the country. But I was focused on my participation in St. Stephen’s. Thinking more contribution than stewardship. That was the word in those days.  Being young (20) and single, I was trying to figure life out. So I was involved in politics, community, my church, and some nightlife. But, I digress.

During my tenure at St. Stephen’s, the more seasoned members took me under their wings. They taught me the workings of church life. They showed me how to meld the church and its missions with the community … the church worldwide … to spiritually reach out to the political sector and work in tangent for the welfare of all.

In doing this, we can all understand what stewardship is while thinking back to the three Ts. I ask that we all find our own Ts and delve into them!

Please, I ask that those of you who have not pledged, join me so you may see how your gifts are being put to good use. The peace of the Lord be with you all

– Jerry Brown

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