Stewardship Moment

with Barry Bayon

I grew up collecting things: rocks, baseball cards, coins, shark’s teeth, arrowheads, military patches and pins, and matchbook covers. My mother liberated that “nasty matchbook covers box,” as she called it, when I wasn’t looking. When I met Barbara, my collecting resumed. We have enjoyed antiquing for more than 40 years. The thrill of the hunt was strong. We were “hunter-gatherers” of antiques and folk art – up at dawn on weekends and on the road to antique shows, flea markets, and shops. The greatest antiquing joy is in finding and giving an antique to a friend or museum. It is “the spirit of the thing given.”

“The spirit of the thing given” is also a description of how I like to think about stewardship here at Central. When we contribute to the church budget, we give a part of ourselves and our time and resources – and we do it with a feeling of fulfillment and sense of gratitude at the opportunity.

I have appreciated hearing how other members feel about stewardship. We learn from each other. Brian Angell reminded us of the commonality of insurance and giving, and how they both share the concept of a promise. Jerry Brown defined stewardship and reminded us of the application of the three Ts: time, talent, and treasure. Don Wolfe described stewardship as the act of caring for an organization in order to ensure its present welfare and future existence. Ed Bishop cited the impact the church has had on his family. Carolyn Hunter asked the questions, “Why are you here? Why Central?”

I am here, and I give to Central Congregational Church because I believe in the ministers, staff, and church committees – and in their vision for Central’s future. I believe in their ongoing support of our members, church committees, those in need, the community, and the church at large.

Why should you support Central and its programs? Upon examination, I hope you will find many reasons. Signing a pledge card or writing a check is recognition of your commitment. Many of you have contributed to the ongoing Reimagining of Chapel Hall, which is moving into its latter stages. Chapel Hall is part two of the two-step process this year of pledging to meet the annual budget and supporting a separate effort to make Chapel Hall a more functional and inviting site for church and community activities.

Thank you for considering how your contribution can support Central’s 2022/23 budget. Please join us and help ensure that our weekly worship, our community, our programs, and our staff will continue.

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