The Insert Keeps Falling – Ilse Kramer

The Insert Keeps Falling

By Ilse Kramer

The insert slides out of my program.
I know this is not my day.

Tom politely retrieves it.
Thank you Tom.

Oops. No, not again!
I am going to get it myself.

My head is under the pew
And I miss what goes on “In the Life of the Church.”

Tom touches my shoulder:
“The envelope please.”

“Bag,” I whisper,
And he actually finds it,

Tom puts the pledge on the plate.
I know he is grinning.

I bet the usher
Is shaking his head.

The people sing. Me too
From deep down below.

Rebecca is reading
“Lift up thine head, and restore thee
Unto thy place.”
From Genesis, I believe.

“Amen,” I say,
And I rise.

And there goes the insert again.
I give up.
The ushers will get it
And throw it away.

Ilsa Kramer and Ken Powell

Ilsa Kramer and Ken Powell

Ilse Kramer is the Poet Laureate of Central Congregational Church. One has to forgive her for dropping things.

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