The Trinity – Ilse Kramer

The Trinity

By Ilse Kramer

God speaks to me
In my mother tongue
When I am far far
Away from home

Jesus my shepherd
Will find me
When I have lost my way
And am crying bah – bah

Jesus my Lord
Lifts me up
And I fly on the wings
Of the Holy Dove
Flying straight
Into Eden

You Father You Son
And you Holy Ghost
Don’t let me forget
To thank You

Ilse Kramer

Ilse Kramer

Ilse wrote her first verse, a sentimental jingle, in Germany in first grade. She eventually progressed to sonnets, hexameter, haiku, and acrostics. Her first English poem, “Interpretation,” 1963, won second prize in a poetry exhibition. Some of her poetry has been published in a literary magazine, the Providence Journal, Central News, and in anthologies.

Ilse has also published a bibliography of early German Americana at Brown University, and a novel, Pimpinella.

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