When hungry children shake with fright…

My whole life, a poem has resided on the refrigerator at my parent’s home.  They have lived this poem the entire time I have known them (and they are turning 89!)

I thought of this poem during the service last Sunday, largely focused on the call of the “star”, and the various ways people have responded through the ages, from the Wise People and shepherds so long ago, to me here today.  It reminds me that I am called to “yes”, as we heard in Rebecca’s sermon last week.  Here it is, and may you find meaning in it.

p.s.  bring food to church on Sunday!

“When hungry children shake with fright, what can it mean to God that I am safe tonight?

Shall I thank God for bread, and for the safety of the place I lay my head?

In din of crashing worlds, shot through with screams of pain,

I will do better far, to thank my God

That I am strong enough to share my bread,

Alert enough to tell those blinded by their woe

That I still see a star.”

…Author Unknown

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