Wings of the Dove – Susan Swain Tabor

Wings of the Dove

By Susan Swain Tabor

What was the sound of the Angel’s wings
Announcing your destiny for great things?

Did they beat loud and clear through the air
Did the wind they generated disturb your hair?

And did soft feathers touch your face so fair
Or were you so astonished you did not care?

What was it like to learn your fate
That you would live eternal within Heaven’s gate?

That you would the son of God bear
That you would the highest honor wear.

That you would be called Queen of Heaven
That in human prayers you would be leaven,

To assuage, help, and comfort man in sorrow
And your pious example so many would follow.

So, Hail, Mary, full of love and grace
You have changed the world to a better place.

Susan Swain Tabor

Susan Swain Tabor

Susan Swain Tabor is the great-granddaughter of Leonard Swain, Central’s first minister. She is currently writing his biography.

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