You hear everyday – By Liam Newberry

You hear everyday

By Liam Newberry

You hear everyday
Of those who give up,
Living their lives like
Mediocre shmucks
Contributing nothing
And leaving behind
Nothing but a faded
Husk with no mind
These people, they make up
The population of cities,
Villages, towns,
Boards and committees.
Lifeless souls on a quest with no end
Working towards something
To which their arms can’t extend.
They wander, listless,
A hopeless parade
Pretending their lives
Are more than charade.
But some, some have lived,
As God intended,
Forming their lives
Beyond the pretended.
Artists, these people,
these weavers of fate,
They make, explore,
Destroy and create.
And as some, such as you,
Hover on adulthood,
They unlock the wisdom
Of what could.
What the world could be like,
If we put down our swords,
What the world could be like
If we signed our accords
What the world could be like
If we gave peace a chance,
What the world could be like
If we all learned how to advance,
And so YOU,
With the passion and boldness of art,
COULD be the one
To allow life to start,
Not just for yourself,
But for all those who listen,
Make a new planet
For us to Christen!
Make a warning that will cause all to drop,
While the earth may keep spinning,
The world, it will stop,
And see this creation,
This warning you’ve made,
And hopefully listen,
And end their hopeless charade.
Of course, it’s up to you.
It’s your choice to make.
Will you change the world, or
Mankind forsake?
I hope you choose wisely,
dearest friend,
Until then, my hand,
I’ll always extend.

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