At Central, we see baptism as the beginning of Christian faith and life.  It is an outward and visible sign of the grace of God - a celebration of unconditional, never-ending love - and of acceptance into the care of Christ's church.

Some think baptism is strictly for babies, but people of all ages who have not been baptized before are welcome to participate in this sacrament.  Parents, as well as adults seeking baptism, meet beforehand with the Reverend Patrick Faulhaber and permanent deacon Barbara Bayon and are invited to have their family and friends join us for this very important part of life at Central.


At Central, confirmation is the beginning of adult Christian life. Through this yearlong journey of spiritual discovery, young people investigate their Christian faith, make personal decisions about their religious lives, and experience what it is to be vital players in a Christian community.

Through both traditional and experiential learning, they explore what it means to be a person of faith in the 21st century both within and outside of the church. And, prior to confirmation, each reflects on his or her own understanding of the Christian way of life. Learn more



Communion is the time we remember the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The sacrament recalls the table fellowship Jesus shared with his disciples during the Last Supper.  It is a joyous act of thanksgiving for all God has done, as well as an intimate experience of fellowship for our congregation.

All are Welcome:  At Central, we serve communion on the first Sunday of every liturgical season, as well as other special times of year.  If you find meaning in this sacrament, you are welcome to join us - regardless of your faith or church membership.


A wedding at Central is a joyful, meaningful, and sacred ceremony.  Our exquisite sanctuary, built in 1893, and magnificent organ, with 3,456 pipes, only add to the beauty of the occasion.

While we don’t rent out our space, we are happy to perform marriage ceremonies for members and non-members alike.  We’ll ask you to come to Worship several times, if you don’t already, to get a feel for our spiritual community.  Then, you will have a series of meetings with one of our ministers to discuss the covenant of marriage and work through your special service.

Equal Marriage Rights for All:  Central is an Open and Affirming church, embracing people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions.  In fact, the United Church of Christ was the first Christian church to affirm the rights of same-gender couples to marry, and our minister emerita Rebecca Spencer performed one of the first civil unions in Rhode Island.  All are welcome here to worship … and to marry.


At Central, we think of funerals and memorial services as Celebrations of Life.  In this service of worship, we honor the memory of the person who has died, give thanks for that life, and commend that person to God. Our service recognizes the pain of separation that accompanies death and the hope and joy of God’s promise of resurrection.  It serves as an important opportunity to comfort one another in our shared loss.

Whether or not you are a Central member, one of our ministers will help your family plan a very personal service.  And, our organist can recommend hymns and other appropriate music.

If you would like space to gather before or after the service, our Chapel Hall and Fireplace Room are available to you.  We can also arrange use of our kitchen if you would like to host a reception following the service.