Easter 2010 – George Delany

Easter 2010

By George Delany

After 3 days of wicked spring rains
A flooded basement
A car sunk into saturated earth
Lifeless, like a dead dinosaur
Spirits weighted down under
The presence of so much water
I spy along the edge of the stone wall
Amidst the carnage of the storm
Debris everywhere
A sea of leaves soaked browned
By relentless winds of winter
Rocks and mud all about
Leafless trees
Everywhere a palette of somber earth tones
Grays, charcoals and browns
Monopolize my beat-up field-of-view like war
A single solitary daffodil, green stemmed,
Her silent, solo, yellow face opened wide
She turns in brilliant salutation
To brightly welcome the sun

George Delany

George Delany

George Delany attended the Milton Hershey School, Hershey, Pa, and the Rhode Island School of Design. He practices in the art and design industry.

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