Ice Cream Toppings 

By Ilse Kramer

Take the sauce of yellow apple
To be consumed in Wilson Chapel.

Cream of reddish lingonberry
To be consumed in Swanpoint Cemetary

Wobbly greenish mint jelly
Joins the yummy pork deep in the belly.

Liquid from the tasty plum
Makes our taste buds hum and hum and hum.

Everyone is our group
Likes the fruity Swedish soup.

When you’ve poorly have some broth,
But don’t mess up the table cloth.

The gravy from the farm fresh chicken
Makes all of our muscles thicken.

The puree of lowly lentil
Makes us healthy kind and gentle.

Wait for the soup from tail of ox
Until the autumn equinox.

Make the mushrooms nice and mushy,
Perhaps a lick of sushi,

A cup of noble vichyssoise
On top of sherbet is a plus.

Some salt from the Atlantic sea
And a bite of fromage de Brie.

A dash of ground up citrus peal
Joined by tea of chamomile.

At last a mouthful of Champagne
On top of sherbet, no one can abstain.

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