Mater Dolorosa – Ilse Kramer

Mater Dolorosa

By Ilse Kramer

Do you think often
Of His birth
And of His make-shift crib
Of shepherds in their loden coats

Of big-eyed cows
Their one-note song
And of the star which made
The whole world much less dark

Of three men with their
Wisely chosen gifts
And of a crowd
Of chanting angels

And did you think
You were too young
Too slow too poor
A servant not a lady

The Angel Gabe had told you
You were blessed
You kept those words
Forever in your humble heart

Yes you were blessed
Your loving and beloved Son
Died on the bloodstained cross
And then His Father gave Him life again

Ilse Kramer

Ilse Kramer

Ilse Kramer is the Poet Laureate of Central Congregational Church.

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