Prayer for Peace – Kathy Hart

Prayer for Peace

By Kathy Hart

O God, whose mercy never ends,
we pray for wars to cease,
that hatred be abandoned,
replaced with love and peace.

If we could still our voices,
would we hear Your lament
about the world condition,
the cruel, sad events?

We pray that every nation
will live in Your embrace,
resolving the differences
of country, creed and race.

We lift up all Your peoples–
Muslims, Christians, Jews–
and ask that brotherhood prevail,
a higher call to choose.

O God, whose mercy never fails,
help us to find Your way.
Give us the strength and courage
for living every day.

O grant this world Your blessing,
and lead us through the night
of earthly darkness and distress
to Your eternal Light.

Kathy Hart

Kathy Hart

Kathy Hart is the Director of Music at Greenwood Community Church, Presbyterian in Warwick, RI, where she is organist and directs the Chancel Choir, a teen/adult handbell group, and an elementary singing/ringing choir. She writes/arranges sacred music and is a soprano in The Providence Singers. Kathy has been a member of Central’s Caring/Sharing Group for several years.

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