Sally Strachan’s Summer Garden – Ilse Kramer

Sally Strachan’s Summer Garden

By Ilse Kramer

There is a field of daisies,
So white, so without stain,
So flawless,
Nothing torn, all petals present.

Only the centers are blond,
Almost the color
Of Princess
Diana’s hair.

I see clematis in varies colors,
They dance in the wind
And make me think
Of my long-ago prom.

Do the black-eyed susans
Want to be picked?
I look into their deep dark eyes
And I kiss them instead.

In the corner, in the mysterious shadows
A touch of sweet wilderness.
I gather some nettles
I hear they make wonderful tea.

Squirrels are jumping
From fence to tree, from fence to tree, and from tree to fence.
And little birds sing:
God bless America.

Let us gather
Some happiness.

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