Attend a Stewardship Small Group Meeting!

Dear Friends,

The Stewardship Committee has arranged Small Groups Get-Togethers at members’ homes. We will be discussing Central’s accomplishments and hopes and dreams and how we can be good stewards.

To aid in these discussions, the committee has drafted two documents that we encourage you to review as you consider your pledge.  You can also download these documents as PDF files:

Below is a list of where and when these groups will be meeting. Please choose the time and location best for you and sign-up after church on February 5th or 13th. You can also e-mail Mary at

If you have questions please phone Mary for more details.

We look forward to having everyone participate in these groups!!!


Mary Hazeltine & Ann Scott,
Co-Chairs Stewardship

Hosts Town Date Day Time Leader/Recorder
Mary Hazeltine Providence 02/27/11 Sun 12-2 pm Barb Silvis
Sharon Rounds Providence 02/27/11 Sun 3-5 pm Nancy Jacobs & Rob Edwards
Geoff O’Hara Barrington 02/27/11 Sun 4-6 pm Pam & Geoff O’Hara
Barb Silvis Warwick 02/27/11 Sun 7-9 pm Fran Munro & Rob Schmidt
Kathy Jellison Pawtucket 02/28/11 Mon 7-9 pm MaryBeth Fafard & Amy Hebb
Bill Claflin Providence 03/02/11 Wed 7-9 pm Jake Kling & Warren Jagger
Jeff & Tracy Baran Providence 03/04/11 Fri 7-9 pm Judy Jamieson & Mary Hazeltine
Bill & Donna Templeton Providence 03/06/11 Sun 2-4 pm Ann & Jim Scott
Ham & Dotsy Davison Providence 03/11/11 Fri 7-9 pm Julis Bush
Don Forsyth Lincoln 03/12/11 Sat 2-4 pm Barbara Thornton & Paul Barlow
Medway Place Providence 03/13/11 Sun 3-5 pm Sherri Nelson
Clyde & Jacqueline Briant Providence 03/13/11 Sun 3-5 pm Charlie Rardin
Carol Barton Cranston 03/16/11 Wed 7-9 pm Sharon Rounds
George Delany Rehoboth 03/16/11 Wed 7-9 pm Sandi Seltzer & Laurel McLaughlin
Rosie Maranjian N. Providence 03/18/11 Fri 7-9 pm Donna Chace Larson & Kristin deKuiper
Martha Nielson Providence 03/20/11 Sun 2-4 pm Janice Libby & Carolyn Birbiglia
Barbara Bayon N. Kingstown 03/22/11 Tues 7-9 pm Norm Leard
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