Catalpa Summer – Susan Swain Tabor

Catalpa Summer

Catalpa blossoms carpet the ground in white;
A blanket of mist covers the damp June half-light.
Heavy buzzing bees balance atop seeming snow
Amidst a summer’s gloom, fragrant flowers glow.

Another day will bring a cloudless view;
Of sun, of sparkle, of spangles in varied hue.
The ferns will hold heads high within their glade
Determined to reach the light ‘ere it fade.

Observe the lesson from nature and take heed;
To be deeply downhearted there is no need.
As the earth is purified—made whole by rain,
The soul sinks in darkness to regenerate, sustain.

After winter’s frigid blasts and plight
Songbirds renewed in plumes so bright
Disperse despair, lend us hope and cheer
To greet the light and banish dark and fear.

Internal warfare rages ‘twixt dark and light
Inside the soul of man, which will win the fight?
Destined with a double nature, we must cope
By turning towards the light that transmits hope.

Susan Swain Tabor

Susan Swain Tabor

Susan Swain Tabor is the great-granddaughter of CCC’s first minister, Leonard Swain, and is currently writing his biography

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